SharpRx: Renovating Pharmacy Management

SharpRx®: Renovating Pharmacy Management

A community pharmacy needs innovative tools to perform its daily tasks confidently and efficiently, which is why QS/1 made that the primary objective of its newest pharmacy management system, SharpRx. It’s imperative that with all the tasks that keep your staff busy during the day that navigating and managing your pharmacy software isn’t overly time consuming.

SharpRx was designed using feedback and insight from pharmacists throughout every intricate piece of planning and development. Customer focus groups were utilized early on in the development process to ensure ease of use when performing core daily functions. The result is an application that allows pharmacy staff to add a new patient, prescriber or drug and fill prescriptions with minimal or no training.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are constantly in situations that require the ability to multitask. When the workday starts and a pharmacist logs in to SharpRx, the software can associate the appropriate staff with the day’s schedule, and it eliminates steps in the most common daily processes. It also provides quick access to necessary information from wherever you are in the system, allowing staff to focus on what matters most, patient care and customer service, which can result in customer loyalty and increased profitability.

SharpRx is truly the first of its kind in the industry. The SQL-based system is easy to manage - a critical function in an ever-changing market that demands quick updates for legal requirements and competitive needs. QS/1 knows pharmacies need their challenges addressed quickly in order to remain profitable and competitive, and SharpRx allows for monthly Service Pack updates to keep pharmacies compliant with regulatory changes and on the cutting edge of technology.

SharpRx is responsive to widescreen (1920x1080-resolution) monitors, which are the new norm for workstations. Widescreen displays allow more information to display on the screen without scrolling, and SharpRx’s unique touchscreen capabilities allow an additional way to navigate through the software.

QS/1 employed user-interface design experts to create a strategic and intuitive experience that our customers would find useful and easy to understand. Some of SharpRx’s greatest features are found in the functions your staff will use over and over, including the ability to add a new patient by scanning a driver’s license or state-issued ID; link related patient profiles; open multiple patient, prescriber, drug/patient records and prescriptions simultaneously; and use smart drug re-order tools. As an increasing number of electronic prescriptions are submitted from doctors’ offices, hospitals and medical clinics, SharpRx processes them by creating an easy-to-read script image and automatically populating fields for existing patients, prescribers and drugs. Staff only has to verify the information and click Fill. Additional languages are available through interfaces with RxTran and Architext. Essential daily reports are also easily accessible and forms and labels can be customized with a few basic steps within the application.

QS/1 is excited about the future of pharmacy, and we look forward to showing you what SharpRx can do. For more information, contact Marketing at 800.231.7776 or visit

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