ShipRx: QS/1’s Shipping Management Solution

ShipRx™: QS/1’s Shipping Management Solution

ShipRx, formerly known as NRx Delivery®, is a combination of our NRx® Pharmacy Management and Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems that provides the best shipping solution in pharmacy, providing access to multiple features that will allow you to manage prescription shipment and delivery.

With ShipRx, delivering medications to home-bound patients or those who are temporarily away from home, such as college students or snow birds, is handled with ease. It’s also a valuable tool that can help improve patient medication adherence and outcomes.

ShipRx must be used in conjunction with certain features in NRx, including Workflow and Automate Batching, as well as Quality Assurance and Delivery/Will Call, to guide prescriptions through the proper stages of filling and placement for shipment or delivery. Automate Batching allows prescriptions to be grouped by patient or head of household, and the batch number created can be printed on a ShipRx label or an Invoice or Routing Slip. The Workflow and Automate Batching features are great tools for any pharmacy, with or without shipping, to utilize in order to improve efficiency.

ShipRx Features

Credit Card Pre-Authorization
Shipping or delivering products to your customers provides a level of service that goes above and beyond what most pharmacies offer. In addition, ShipRx allows you to offer patients an added convenience of keeping their credit card information on file, which is stored using QS/1’s PaySentry® card transaction tool. ShipRx allows you to authorize credit cards prior to packaging or shipping. After the Label and Dispensing and Quality Assurance steps in Workflow are completed, the credit card on file is then pre-authorized, allowing you to verify funds are available and change the payment method, if necessary.

Shipping Interface
When offering your patients the option to receive their orders in the mail, you must consider which shipping company to use. ShipRx includes interfaces to the following: FedEx, UPS, Pitney Bowes, Stamps (USPS) and Endicia. The interface allows you to send patient demographic information electronically, and once the vendor has assigned a tracking number, it communicates with NRx and the number is attached to the appropriate transactions.

Multiple Payment Methods
If patients want to use more than one payment method, you can store account credit amounts and use them before other payment methods. One of its great features is its ability to use multiple payment methods for a single transaction. For example, a patient may use a credit card for part of the payment and the available credit amounts for the remainder. Payment priorities can also be set up on the Patient Record according to the patient’s preferred method of payment.

Patient Record
Multiple Delivery Addresses
Another benefit is the ability to store multiple delivery addresses for a patient. Multiple addresses can be set up by date for those who spend time away from home, such as college students. ShipRx automatically associates the valid delivery address based on the date and assigns it to the shipment.

Delivery Addresses
Routing Slips and Invoices
ShipRx provides routing slips that include the shipment details that are used in conjunction with your shipping company to input the package’s delivery address. Invoices accompany a shipment or delivery and list the items included in the order and the amount charged.

ShipRx allows you to take your customer service to the next level by providing a total package for shipping and delivery. For more information on ShipRx, contact QS/1 Marketing at 800.231.7776.

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