Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program Gabapentin Reporting Requirements

Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program (VA PMP) Gabapentin Reporting Requirements

Effective immediately, according to legislation passed by the 2017 General Assembly (House Bill 2164) and signed into law by the governor, pharmacies must report prescriptions for Gabapentin, including all dispenses since the legislation was signed on February 23, 2017, to the VA PMP.

Action Steps:

1. Update your clinical files to include Gabapentin in your PMP report, following these PMP QDUC Install instructions.

Note: These changes have already been applied for Pharmacies enrolled in the QS/1 Prescription Monitoring Program

2. Begin reporting prescriptions for Gabapentin.

Assistance and Support: For technical assistance, contact Appriss at 855.482.4767 or click to create a support request. Pharmacies waived from reporting to VA PMP, but dispense Gabapentin must submit a new account development form via email to or by fax to 804.527.4470. For detailed data submission requirements, review the Virginia Data Submission Dispenser Guide.

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