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QS/1 Participants in Innovative Pharmacy Pilot Program

QS/1 is proud to be a participant in a pilot healthcare initiative that will enhance the role pharmacists play in providing integrated clinical services for patients. The collaboration is being facilitated by Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) to bring together health information technology and pharmacy management providers.

QS/1 is First Pharmacy Software Provider to Partner with Appriss® Health NARxCHECK

Spartanburg, SC – January 4, 2017) As more states require stringent reporting of the dispensing of controlled substances, QS/1 is excited to be the first pharmacy management software provider to partner with Appriss Health and integrate NARxCHECK into pharmacy workflow. The Appriss PMP Gateway® provides real-time access to data collected by prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). If a premium membership with Appriss is held, NARxCHECK, an analytics tool, provides insight into a patient’s controlled substance use with risk scores. All information displays without interrupting workflow.

QS/1’s QDM Does More Than Store Documents

In an effort to continuously create solutions that help pharmacies adapt to their ever-evolving operating environment, QS/1 is launching a new Document Management system, QDM®. This resource was developed as a way to help pharmacies successfully manage documentation needs while enhancing patient and partner engagement.

QS/1’s Ed Vess Becomes SCPhA President

Ed Vess, QS/1’s Market Analyst Senior Manager, has been installed as the 2016-2017 president and board chair of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association (SCPhA). He took the position in June at the SCPhA annual convention in Hilton Head, S.C.

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