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A Season of Change

In late 2015, QS/1 embarked on a new chapter in its long and distinguished history in the pharmacy industry. The Company released a new pharmacy management system, SharpRx®, a new logo and a redesigned website. A new vice president of Marketing was hired in November and several internal staff positions were realigned as QS/1 heads confidently into the future of pharmacy.

QS/1’s Jim Higley participates in Chain Drug Review Virtual Roundtable

"The pace of change in pharmacy technology continues to accelerate. New frontiers range from wearables to social media. Embracing change, while engaging patients, is an ongoing concern. Chain Drug Review asked industry executives to look at where pharmacy technology is headed. Representing retailers are... ” — Chain Drug Review/January 18, 2016

Leveraging Today’s Tools to Grow Your Business

Patients have long listed convenience as one of the top three factors when selecting a pharmacy. This is evident in today’s market as millennials and baby boomers continue to rely more on mobile technology to go about their daily tasks. Community pharmacy has always been the leader in providing customer service, but it often lags behind in adopting new retail technologies that can provide more convenience to its patients.

2015 State Pharmacy Policy Wrap Up

Though much attention is given to changes that occur at the federal level, state-level policy is where the bulk of pharmacy is regulated. In 2015, state policymakers introduced and enacted legislation affecting the profession of pharmacy on many levels.

Are you Ready? The Liability Shift

Unfortunately, a majority of you have either had your credit card information stolen or know someone who has. If not, consider yourself among the lucky few. For those who have been victims, it is especially reassuring to hear about the new credit- and debit-card security standard.

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