Compliance is Key in Medicare Part B Audits

Medicare is a beneficial program for Americans who are over age 65 or have certain disabilities, but providers sometimes find compliance issues a challenge. An understanding of mandates and how to properly submit claims will ensure organizations are reimbursed for Medicare Part B-covered medications, equipment and supplies, such as nebulizer-inhalation medications, oral immunosuppressive drugs and diabetic testing supplies. Occasionally, providers may unknowingly submit noncompliant or even fraudulent claims for the products and services they offer.

Minimize Your Company’s Risk in HME Billing

Meeting today’s challenges in the HME, pharmacy and supply industries is one of great frustration. Between payer audits, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), gaining patient chart notes and the inevitable transition to ICD-10, many providers feel they would rather shut their doors than maneuver through the mine field.

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