Claims Clearinghouse

Expand billing capabilities and third-party management features with additional direct electronic claims to state Medicaids and selected commercial insurance carriers. Submit clearinghouse electronic claims to hundreds of other carriers.

QS/1®’s Advanced Third Party module expands SystemOne’s electronic billing capabilities. SystemOne comes with pre-authorized and programmed billing access to your specific state’s Medicaid and Medicare region. Billing outside of those geographic parameters requires paper forms that must be printed and mailed to the carriers. The Advanced Third Party Module saves you time and helps you get paid faster by sending electronic claims directly to these third parties.

Module Features

Direct Claims

Electronically bill all four DME MACs, most state Medicaids, and select third parties including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio and Rochester, N.Y.* In addition, you can download electronic payments from these carriers.

Clearinghouse Claims

Not all carriers allow for direct electronic claims submission. Use QS/1’s Advanced Third Party Module to bill electronic claims to hundreds of third party carriers through a QS/1-approved clearinghouse.* The clearinghouse option requires a nominal charge for each claim submitted.

Payment Posting

QS/1’s optional Accounts Receivable module allows you to automatically post downloaded electronic DME MAC, Medicaid and other commercial carrier payments.

Training and Support

QS/1 offers interactive training to guide you during the learning process. Additional training can be scheduled to meet your needs. Service specialists provide product support from our toll-free service center.

* Contact your QS/1 marketing representative for additional information about direct electronic claims. They can provide you with a current list of state Medicaids to whom you transmit and a list of other commercial carriers who accept direct electronic claims. Your marketing representative can also provide you with a list of QS/1-approved clearinghouses.