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The Community of Now

When QS/1 talks about the Community of Now in some of our emails and social posts, we’re calling out our focus on today’s independent pharmacists: who they are, what they need, and the support they deserve. We’re making a commitment to them – really, we’re re-committing to something we’ve been doing for a long time. Because we want to make sure our commitment to you now is clear, proven, and useful.

Acknowledging Our Commitment 
At the core of being committed is letting it be known that you are. You claim the commitment to something, and it’s a part of your identity. When people think about you, they think about the commitment – an obvious example is someone’s identity as a married person. As a company, QS/1 and RedSail Technologies claim a commitment to community pharmacy clearly and often. We want to be known for our dedication to it, and we expect to be evaluated on it.

We acknowledge our commitment when we:

  • Talk to customers – For example, through podcasts explaining new ways pharmacists can use their systems to overcome today’s challenges.
  • Explain ourselves – From our backstory to our customer care
  • Show up in the industry – In just one instance, a discussion panel at this year’s PDS Super-Conference moderated by ComputerTalk editor Maggie Lockwood.

Investing in Our Commitment 
But words are, of course, only part of it. Commitment is distinguished by doing. In business, one of the clearest ways to activate and demonstrate commitment is with the company’s resources. How you spend money – and time – is a searchlight on what you value.

QS/1 and RedSail are investing heavily in:

  • Software enhancements – This article, part of a new technology series, gives some insight.
  • Customer education – We offered free regional events and pushed forward post-COVID with an ongoing virtual learning event.
  • Community pharmacy’s future – A new hub offers resources on clinical services, and a new partnership supports pharmacists even farther.

Always Reimagining Our Commitment 
The third leg of commitment is that it’s ongoing. It endures through ups and downs and is expressed more effectively over time. That requires staying attuned to what you committed to and recognizing the changes, new needs, and ways of doing things that don’t work anymore. QS/1 and RedSail have embraced self-evaluation, gathering feedback from the people we’re committed to, and we are always adjusting to keep our commitment fresh and relevant.

New initiatives include:

  • Transformation in support services – A recent leadership panel shared information on important changes that are underway in how we support our customers.

  • eCare Plan push – Customers can access tutorial slides on recent enhancements and best practices, and further improvements are underway.
  • RedSail Advantage program– A new offering for customers that offers immediate value and easy implementation so our pharmacies can be more profitable and offer enhanced services to their patients.

As someone famous (probably) said, commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality. We commit to elevating your playing field and supporting your recognition and reimbursement in line with the value you provide to all of your patients.

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