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Software for Pharmacy's Possibilities

The gap between routines and possibilities is sometimes smaller than we realize, and it’s a nice surprise when we find out we can accomplish our goals with something we already have.

It’s familiar to most of us, knowing that there are improvements we could make or opportunities we could pursue, but not acting because of the pressures of habit, time, or uncertainty. It’s true in our personal lives and it’s true in our professions. 

We welcome something that makes that first step easier – a natural extension of what we’re already doing instead of a leap into the unknown. We hope for something that reduces the investment required, reassuring us that the outlay of money or time isn’t so bad, and that we’ll more than make it back. We’d like to know it’s not just possible, but doable.

What does “possible” look like in an independent pharmacy?

Maybe it’s the possibility of serving a different kind of patient with various needs or of reaching a new town that would welcome another option for patients to get their prescriptions. Maybe it’s automating some dispensing processes to give staff time back, letting a star technician step up to more responsibility so the pharmacist can do more patient consultations, or being able to tell your customers, “You can get refills using our mobile app.”

A drive-thru window, a patient loyalty program, support to help people quit smoking, or a store front end that draws a crowd. Whatever it is, if you have NRx® as your pharmacy management system, it’s possible. Taking the first step is easier, because it doesn’t require a whole new tool. NRx can help with everything just mentioned. But let’s keep going.

Possibilities with NRx

Add HME/DME supplies. The Medicare Part B Compliance Documentation module allows pharmacies to serve Medicare Part B customers’ needs while keeping the documentation required for an audit.

Provide immunizations. Existing NRx functionality can be enhanced with new support for immunization documentation, reporting, and reimbursement – available through RedSail Advantage.

Ensure patients can get refills through your website. Add a QS/1-provided link to any existing website, allowing patients to quickly enter refill requests online that communicate directly with your system.

Fill prescriptions for a local nursing home. The Nursing Home module provides tools specifically to help retail pharmacies support the unique needs of small-scale long-term care facilities, including printing MARs.

Add delivery. Use either an iPad® or iPad mini® to capture required delivery information and upload it into NRx via the pharmacy’s Wi-Fi.

Join CPESN®. NRx has the ability to create and submit eCare Plans directly to CPESN, document patient encounters, address MTM problems, and print eCare Plan reports to share with patients. And we’re currently working to provide even more eCare Plan functionality.

Do meds-to-beds. With a mobile tablet with a color touchscreen, a barcode scanner, and a magstripe card reader, Remote Checkout lets you take your system to hospital bedsides.

Run an employee pharmacy. NRx and Point-of-Sale can combine with a shipping interface to form one system called ShipRx®. In addition to shipping, it helps employee pharmacies that require payroll deduction.

Offer a 340B program. NRx eliminates the need for stocking costly additional inventories by borrowing and replacing drugs electronically from the pharmacy’s single inventory.

This list hits the highlights, but it’s by no means comprehensive. It’s also important to mention the system’s ability to interface with other tools. We offer connections to hundreds of vendors that may do what you’re interested in, so that you can use them while you’re using us.

Because it’s all about embracing the possibilities.

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