7 Tricks and Treats in NRx® Pharmacy Software

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7 Tricks and Treats in NRx Pharmacy Software

It’s the time of year to have a little fun with the spooky and dreadful. If the workload in your pharmacy can provoke screams and haunt dreams – read on for sweet nuggets to help you work smarter.

  1. Scary fast
    InstantFill® can be used to mass fill prescriptions that are due for refill on the same day. You’ll even get an error message explaining the reason if a prescription isn’t filled. You can tailor the setup inside your system’s Store Level Options; consider setting it to send errors for resolution in Workflow and to print labels. Customers, see details in the NRx Help Guide’s InstantFill Prescriptions section. You can scare up even more time savings by using InstantFill with Health-Minder® (< click link and scroll down for more information) along with the Report Scheduler.

  2. Flash of needles
    Immunization season is about to overtake us, and NRx has the tools for it. To easily process vaccinations by Rx number, first create the prescription for the patient. On the Rx Summary screen, click Immunization Record, then scan the VIS barcode on the vaccine or manually enter the information.

  3. Don’t look! Something’s behind you
    Dropping PBM reimbursements and pharmacy audits can provoke chills. Use pre- and post-edits (PPE) to simplify the insurance claims process. The solution follows defined rules to scrub claim submissions before and after review by the third-party payer, and it automatically updates incorrect elements and submits AWP re-bills.

  4. Disaster lurks
    A pharmacy system crash is a real-life boogeyman – but you can be ready. Every day, at a time of your choosing, Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1 transmits your AES-encrypted data to two different physical locations that are backed up with power generators and redundant communication links. We also help load, configure, and test your system and if needed, set up online access so you can get back to work quickly.

  5. I see sick people
    Need a report that lists the number of patients you’ve served for a specific date range? It’s easily possible with the Monthly Audit report. To run the report, access Reports Management Monthly Audit. Answer the Select and Sort Options to customize the data you want to see. On the Print Options Values screen, type YES in Prt Tot Only and finish out.

  6. Ghostly messages
    Did anyone hear that strange beep? Mobile phone notifications offer your patients the convenience that retains their loyalty. You can send SMS and email messages with your NRx software; to use notifications, you just need to be authorized. See how to get started with SMS/email notifications here.

  7. Downward…
    A new sliding scale pricing option in NRx allows you to set up a price calculation for patients who meet a certain level of 340B participation to reduce their copay when needed. If the calculated sliding scale copay is less than the adjudicated copay amount, the sliding scale copay is used instead. A few steps are required to set up this new feature, so be on the lookout for the Service Pack 33 webinar. Customers can also read Service Pack 33 enhancement notes.

This Halloween season, don’t shudder at the workload or stay in the dark about how to optimize your pharmacy software. Find more tips here, and howl out anytime with questions. We don’t bite…unless the moon is full.    

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