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Pointy from Google

QS/1 has integrated with Pointy from Google to help display your in-store products online so shoppers can see what you sell.   

With DIR fees causing lower reimbursements, pharmacies are looking to expand their frontend more than ever. Setting up a clean, neat, and well-lit front end with a diverse selection of over-the-counter items has always been a great way to overcome some losses.  

Since the onset of the pandemic, a lot of your customers are looking to purchase nutritional items and supplements. Overall, people want to improve their health, so offering what they seek is a win-win situation for you and them. Also, stocking items from pet medications to home medical equipment can really go a long way in allowing customers to get everything they need in one trip. 

So Why Go Digital? 

Hoping to limit unnecessary trips, shoppers often check online to see if the product they need is in stock before leaving their house. According to a “Think with Google” article, 67% of shoppers said they plan to confirm online that an item is in stock before going to buy it. Helping people find your store’s products during online search can make a difference in your pharmacy. It’s all about reaching outside of your current customer base and bringing in new customers.  

Now, more than ever, is the time to take what your pharmacy offers a step further. Expand your online presence to tap into a different market space and appeal to a more mobile population. You might feel a little nervous about going online since it appears to be something else you must maintain, but the pros outweigh the cons. If you don’t have access to the proper tools, it can all seem so overwhelming, but with so many in-store sales influenced by a digital touchpoint, it’s a move that shouldn’t be ignored. 

What Is Pointy? 

Pointy shows shoppers what’s in your store when they’re searching on Google. It integrates with your point-of-sale (POS) system and automatically adds your in-store inventory to your Business Profile and to a Pointy Page for your store. 

Benefits include: 

  • Pointy Page: An online product catalog that shows shoppers up-to-date product information for your store, along with your contact details and opening hours. 

  • See What’s In Store: The products from your Pointy Page are automatically listed on your Business Profile on Google. Customers will see your products when they search for your store on Google. 

  • Local Inventory Ads: Run image-based ads for all the products listed on your Business Profile on Google in two clicks. Set your budget and location to attract nearby shoppers searching on Google for products you stock. 

  • Local Surfaces Across Google: When you link Pointy and Google My Business, your items will automatically appear on local surfaces across Google. This means your in-store products can appear in unpaid (non-ad) product results across Google surfaces, including Search, Images, Shopping, and Maps. 
  • Retailer Dashboard: Get easy-to-understand reports that include your most popular products and the searches people made to find your store. 

  • In-house Support Team: Customer Support and Success Teams are available by  phone and email to help you get the most out of Pointy. 

Simple and Seamless Integration 

With seamless integration to QS/1’s POS, this process is very simple and will not only get your items online, but the Retailer Dashboard can show you which items are most popular, paid vs. organic performance, or the searches shoppers initiate to find your pharmacy. Pointy does not change your current workflow; it’s there to help with business development, onboarding support, technical support, and marketing.

Install Pointy, scan your products, and watch them appear on Google for local shoppers to find. Pointy will continue to update automatically as you scan products so no work is needed to keep your inventory up to date. 

How Pointy Works Box

Signing up with Pointy can be done from within your QS/1 POS application. Service Pack 34 includes a link within the system. QS/1 will take you through all the sign-up questions before submitting information to Pointy. After you download the Pointy App, you will receive a call from Pointy explaining how to get started, add an image, link descriptions, etc. For full instructions, Pointy help page

Screenshot: Store Level Options

A Strategic Partner Who Understands 

Pointy is established in 22,000 locations, and QS/1 is one of the few partners to offer this service in the pharmacy industry. The integration with Pointy is intended to make the development of your pharmacy’s digital presence easier and more manageable. Remember, 3 out of 4 people who perform an online search plan to visit the physical location within 24 hours. Take advantage of the new normal and expand your business online.

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