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Now is about community.

In the face of distancing, we’re connecting, and under the pressures of unexpected change, we’re growing. Right now, community pharmacists need and deserve a partner who understands – who you are, who you serve, and what tools will enable you to work powerfully and meaningfully. Just like we’ve been for 40+ years, QS/1 is here – standing with community pharmacists and proving just how bright our futures can be.

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Right now, your pharmacy is navigating tremendous demands. QS/1 affirms its commitment to be here with you now – and well into the future. Our new parent company name, RedSail Technologies, LLC, reflects the direction and confidence that come from game-changing new investment: in support services, core platforms, and accelerated innovation.

QS/1’s unrivaled commitment to community pharmacy has caught a new wind – and we’re here to help you compete and serve your communities like never before.

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