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Communication + Branding = Connecting with Customers

Communication is one of the key components of a successful business; communicating internally with your staff and externally with your customers and the local community you serve. It’s critical that the message you’re communicating internally aligns with the message that makes its way to the masses.

Assess Your Assets: Does Your Hardware Work for You?

It always comes back to the foundation and infrastructure. No matter how swanky the front end or conscientious the staff, if your hardware is not up to speed (figuratively and literally), or if it does not offer the functionality you need to manage your workflow and support your customers’ demands, then you are struggling unnecessarily, which can affect your profits and your business.

Pump Up Your Software for Peak Performance

Your pharmacy management software and how it handles ancillary services is the lifeline of your community or long-term care pharmacy. Every pharmacy’s goal is to grow and maximize profits while ensuring the best patient outcomes, and keeping your software up to date is a vital part of making sure you have the tools you need to reach your goals.

2018 Trends & Topics

On any given day in a community or long-term care (LTC) pharmacy, there are dozens of outside factors that can affect your business and its profits. The industry is in constant flux, and that uncertainty led to the closure of more than 600 retail pharmacies in 2017. Independents closed 67 locations; chains decreased by 138; grocery store pharmacies lost 169 and mass pharmacies shrank by 252.

Reverse Burnout: Rediscover Your Mojo

“Good, good, good . . . good vibrations.” Remember when you used to sing that ditty in the shower as you got ready for work? Now, you’re trying to come up with a plausible excuse to call in sick, which is tough if you’re the boss or the only pharmacist on duty that day.

Technology and Consumer Wearables

The first time I heard the term “wearables,” I immediately pictured Tony Stark gearing up in his Iron Man suit and bringing his closest friend J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System) online, embedded within his headpiece.

The Future Factor: Saul’s Road Trip

Saul Factor has been at the helm of QS/1 for just over six months, and during that time his impact has become apparent both inside and outside QS/1. When he took over the Company in July, he had barely settled into his office before he hit the road, crisscrossing the country on a journey to meet and talk with you, our customers, to get your take on the Company.