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We Do That: Tips for Community & LTC Pharmacy

QS/1 is more than just your pharmacy management software vendor – we are a part of your team. And as your team member, we want to ensure you are aware of everything our software and services have to offer so you can get the most out of your pharmacy management system.

Security Topics

Cyber security. Hackers. Viruses. Data breaches. These words have become so ubiquitous in our daily lives that they don’t quite pack the same punch they used to…unless they affect you. Chances are, you have been the victim of a cyber-related mishap, either personally or professionally, and dangers seem to lurk everywhere. Even mundane tasks, like clicking an email attachment, visiting an ATM or paying for gas at the pump with a credit card, have become risky.

The Strong Visuals and Hard-Hitting Headlines of Instagram Are All the Rage in Social Marketing

It’s no longer news that social media outlets have earned their place in the marketing mix. For organizations with fewer resources to devote to self-promotion, platforms such as Instagram™ offer an unbeatable price tag and an increased potential reach (600 million active, monthly users). Perhaps even more compelling is the fact that these platforms are all about community building – a natural for independent pharmacies. So what exactly does Instagram offer for pharmacy marketing?

Saving the Day with IVR and CornerDrugStore.com®

The healthcare industry in its entirety is becoming more aware of what QS/1 has known for some time now; pharmacists are the heroes of healthcare. As heroes, pharmacists can intervene, nurture patient populations, help lower overall healthcare costs and decrease patient hospitalizations.