Clinical Services

The Advantage of Clinical Services

Patients at the Center of Care

With reimbursement rates decreasing and other industry pressures, it’s difficult to grow revenue purely by dispensing prescriptions. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the vital role pharmacists play in our nation’s health. QS/1 is here to help you be ready for what's next.

Clinical Services
Get Ready to Immunize Against COVID-19 and Flu

Get Ready to Immunize

We can support you in adding or enhancing clinical services, including immunizations for COVID-19 and flu. The RedSail Advantage™ program is one important way.

In times like this, it’s important to put your patients at the center of care.

Take a look at how your pharmacy can move forward.

Improve Patient Care

Improve Patient Care and Health Outcomes

Become your community’s destination for clinical care. With the pharmacist’s role evolving and provider status continually expanding, you have an opportunity to capitalize on this market shift, grow your business, and improve overall patient health outcomes.

Although getting started takes time and attention, community pharmacies – staffed with highly trained pharmacists – are in the perfect position to improve clinical outcomes, improve patients’ quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs.

This is all possible by creating an outstanding team, continuing to expand the focus on patient outcomes, leveraging front-end assets, and constantly innovating and differentiating your pharmacy within your community.

Capture More Revenue

Capture More Revenue

Whether your patients pay through insurance or out of pocket, clinical services will help you capture more revenue. Offering clinical services can also help increase sales driven from the front end of your pharmacy.

For example, by offering diabetes education classes, you will likely have more patients visiting the front end of your pharmacy to buy blood glucose meters, testing strips, diabetic shoes, supplements, skin care products, and syringes.

When you offer new clinical services, you also have an opportunity to recommend supplementary over-the-counter (OTC) products.

For example, you could recommend relevant retail products like nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches to patients in your smoking cessation program.

Helping You Get Started

RedSail Advantage™: OmniSYS® – Clinical Solutions

The RedSail Advantage program was created exclusively for QS/1 customers and features special offerings that provide immediate value and are easy to implement. Our partnership with OmniSYS reflects one of our first initiatives that will help our customers offer more services and generate more revenue, today. With OmniSYS, pharmacists can start and/or expand the clinical services they offer to patients.

Not a current NRx® or SharpRx® customer? Click here to learn how our pharmacy management systems provide exclusive benefits to help your pharmacy succeed.

Getting Started is Easy

Currently Offering Clinical Services?
Average setup time: 2 weeks

New to Clinical Services?
Average setup time: 8-10 weeks

Explore Clinical Service Opportunities

There are several different clinical programs and services you can provide to expand revenue, improve outcomes, and differentiate your business.

Clinical services your pharmacy can offer include:

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Birth control consulting
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Point-of-care testing (COVID-19)
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Biometric screening
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Medical nutrition therapy (MNT)
Smoking Cessation
Smoking cessation
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Diagnostic testing (influenza, strep, UTI)
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Medication therapy management (MTM)
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Specialty pharmacy