Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacists are among the most trusted and accessible healthcare providers, and QS/1 is among your biggest fans.

Our company was created more than 40 years ago with one simple focus, to use technology to better manage pharmacies. Amid all the changes in the business of pharmacy, our pioneering commitment remains as strong as ever.

We believe community pharmacists deserve the trusted, integrated tools that bring more business confidence and better results in patient health. Our community pharmacy management systems, SharpRx and NRx, work to keep your business relevant, proficient, and successful – because we want you to keep contributing to the health of your patients and community.

Is SharpRx® right for you?

It’s ideal for:

  • Single-location pharmacy or small chain without central management
  • Community pharmacy that provides some HME/DME items
  • Very limited long-term care or institutional needs - a handful of homes in the community

Is NRx® right for you?

It’s ideal for:

  • Larger independently-owned pharmacies
  • Small chain needing central management
  • LTC or institutional dispensing with need for delivery sheets and interfaces to eMARs
  • HME/DME management with integrated billing and compliance documentation
  • Specialty medication dispensing
  • Compounding

Help Me Choose What's Right for My Pharmacy

Do you need interface with eHR or will call systems?

Do you fill prescriptions for specialty drugs?

How many prescriptions do you fill a day?

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