eCare Plans and CPESN

QS/1 has the tools you need for enhanced services.

How much do you know about these local networks that are transforming independent pharmacy? CPESN – community pharmacy enhanced services networks – offer a promising new way to differentiate yourself with both patients and payers. CPESN member pharmacies come together to improve patient outcomes with optimal medication use, agreeing to provide enhanced services beyond dispensing and basic patient education.

CPESN pharmacies are clinically integrated, which means members help coordinate their patients’ care across conditions, providers, settings, and time. When outcomes improve, costs decrease, and a big benefit of CPESN participation is the chance to engage with payers for a share of the savings.

Take a minute to evaluate your pharmacy against what CPESN requires, and learn how QS/1’s tools can help.

QS/1’s NRx has the ability to create and submit eCare Plans directly to CPESN, document patient encounters, address MTM problems by providing solutions, education, and goals, and print eCare Plan reports to share with patients. And we’re currently working to bring even more eCare Plan functionality with these features that are currently under development:

  • Sending eCare Plans directly to a patient’s primary care physician and eHRs
  • Prompting staff when an opportunity arises to create an eCare Plan
  • Allowing the ability to create and share custom templates for ease of use