Maine PMP Moves to 4.2A Reporting Effective July 1

Effective July 1, 2018, the Maine Prescription Monitoring Program (ME PMP) requires reporting in ASAP 4.2A Standard and includes the following important changes:

  • DSP05 – Date Filled. This field should reflect the date the prescription left the pharmacy. This is to ensure the patient report accurately reflects the date the patient received the prescription.
  • DSP24 – Treatment Type. Required for opioid prescriptions exceeding 100 MME.
  • DSP25 – Diagnosis Code. Required when Palliative Care Exemption Code is used for opioid prescriptions exceeding 100 MME. Assistance and Support: For additional background, review the Data Submission Dispenser Guide. For 24/7 technical assistance, create a support request with Appriss® at or call 844.464.4767. If you have non-technical questions regarding the Maine PMP, please email

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