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Keeping Moms in Mind in the Pharmacy

We love our moms, and even when we’re grabbing a card and flowers at the last minute, we love to show them on Mother’s Day. Aside from stocking popular gifts for their special day, what are some simple ways your pharmacy can show moms the love – every day?

The 3 Places You Should Be Marketing Your Pharmacy

This is a post about the departure points for your mental journey, so to speak, if you want to arrive at effective ideas to promote your business. The specific “where’s” you’ll identify from there will be really personal to your pharmacy, but that’s the fun part.

Enhanced Services = Enhanced Revenues

Community pharmacists are providing more clinical services and getting paid for them, finding new ways to grow their business. Membership in CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks) is a great place to start, but let’s dig deeper here on 4 profitable services that were highlighted at the last NCPA convention.

Should You Put a Kiosk in Your Pharmacy?

Self-service using computerized stands and booths now exists for everything from grocery checkout and restaurant orders to self-storage and mental health screening. The pharmacy industry is no exception in experimenting with kiosks, looking for new ways to serve both patients and their business.

Speak Up to Stand Out, Your Voice in the Industry

It may seem like an extra burden to join and spend money on yet another professional organization, but the benefits of doing so are immense. When you join a professional organization that aligns with your core values, you can assess opportunities for becoming more involved, seek opportunities for networking, and drill down to your area of passion

Generations Apart with a Common Thread that Binds

QS/1 is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the pharmacy industry and wanted to take a glimpse into two pharmacists’ perspectives. Despite age and gender gaps, the bond of pharmacy binds Lynn Connelly and Ashley Parker.

A generation separates Connelly and Parker. Connelly is what some might classify as “old school,” a registered pharmacist who graduated from pharmacy school nearly three decades ago. Parker is considered “new school,” a Pharm.D. with the proverbial ink still drying on her degree, after being awarded four years ago.

Marketing Your Pharmacy as Home Base

Most independent community pharmacists will admit the need and desire to attract new customers and keep patrons coming back not only to benefit their bottom line, but to improve the welfare of the community’s overall health. Patients who choose national chain pharmacies state their decision is usually based on the price they pay for prescriptions.

Compliance is Key in Medicare Part B Audits

Medicare is a beneficial program for Americans who are over age 65 or have certain disabilities, but providers sometimes find compliance issues a challenge. An understanding of mandates and how to properly submit claims will ensure organizations are reimbursed for Medicare Part B-covered medications, equipment and supplies, such as nebulizer-inhalation medications, oral immunosuppressive drugs and diabetic testing supplies. Occasionally, providers may unknowingly submit noncompliant or even fraudulent claims for the products and services they offer.

Not Magic - Just Innovation

I remember my first day working at a pharmacy like it was yesterday. It was fast-paced, exhilarating and the work was meaningful. Now 20 years later I’m still in the industry, just not behind the counter.

Strength in Numbers: Partnership Strategies

With all of the changes that have taken place in pharmacy, it is increasingly important for QS/1 to continue looking for services that add value and strength to your business. In addition to services developed and supported by QS/1, we also partner with various third-party service providers that offer programs to assist with everything from pricing and rebate programs to adherence and business-intelligence solutions.