Patient Care


When Less Is More – Pharmacists’ Role in Deprescribing

Chances are, you’re still filling a prescription for a patient years after you first dispensed it. You’ve probably also had to alert patients or their doctors that a prescription they brought in might not be a good fit with what they’re currently taking. With so much of healthcare becoming drug based, it was probably inevitable that people would end up being prescribed more meds, for longer, than is good for them.

Are you ready for CPESN?

How much do you know about these local networks that are transforming independent pharmacy? CPESN – community pharmacy enhanced services networks – offer a promising way to differentiate yourself with both patients and payers.

Enhanced Services = Enhanced Revenues

Community pharmacists are providing more clinical services and getting paid for them, finding new ways to grow their business. Membership in CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks) is a great place to start, but let’s dig deeper here on 4 profitable services that were highlighted at the last NCPA convention.

With You through Changes: Heart of Texas Pharmacy Has Solutions to Meet Patient Needs

As a 36-year QS/1 customer, the Heart of Texas Community Health Center, known locally as Waco Family Health Center, has relied on pharmacy solutions that fit its unique setup and can be customized as the need arises. “I originally chose QS/1 in 1981 because it was the ‘Cadillac’ of all pharmacy systems,” said Glenn Rebber, R.Ph., director of pharmacy services.

Pharmacist eCare Plan

In community pharmacies, taking care of patients is a central part of the normal work day. Talking to patients about their health, educating them about a new medical diagnosis or explaining how a new prescription might affect their chronic conditions are just a few examples of daily interactions between staff and patients.

Patient-Centered Care Improved with Automation

Just over 20 years ago, Carmenza Meza had a vision of how healthcare should work and benefit patients. She worked at a health clinic and knew she wanted more for patients, especially senior citizens. So, she founded Comfort Health Medical Center, and turned her vision into a reality.