QS/One-Five: A Monthly Roundup of Notable Stories in Pharmacy

QS/One-Five: A Monthly Roundup of Notable Stories in Pharmacy

Check out 4 developments in our field that are worth knowing about – and 1 extra, just because.

PQA Task Force Identifies 15 Actions to Foster Adoption of Pharmacist-Provided Care

The Pharmacy Quality Alliance surveyed the industry and held a roundtable to develop a guide targeted at transforming pharmacists from medication dispensers to indispensable clinical care team members.

Inactive Drug Ingredients Could Cause Problems for Allergic, Sensitive Patients

Researchers say 90% of medicines contain at least one potentially adverse ingredient. This could mean a big opportunity to better select the right versions of medications for patients with sensitivities.

Piecing Together the Pharmacy Technology Puzzle: A Primer for Independent Pharmacists

From big data to digital wearables and smart pill bottles, this article explores how new technology can help save costs and foster better decisions.

Pharmacy Organizations Support National Standards for Technician Education

With pharmacists spending more time in patient care activities, 12 large pharmacy organizations have signed onto a statement supporting national standards for educating techs.

Just because…
What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Photos and captions from National Geographic explore what the medicines we own say about wealth differences around the world, but also about our common desires and fears.

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