Pharmacy Software

SharpRx® Pharmacy Management System

SharpRx represents the next generation of pharmacy management systems for independent pharmacies that need a faster system with fewer steps for easier prescription processing. SharpRx has touchscreen capabilities and includes built-in PMP reporting, eligibility checking, prior authorizations, drug images/imprints, warning labels, Remote Backup, MedGuides, POS software, IVR interface, rebate programs and clinical and pricing updates. Plus, unlike systems modified to include prescription synchronization, SharpRx was designed for it with a process that flows seamlessly. It combines efficiency and affordability into one easy-to-use system while QS/1 packs productivity and profitability into everything we do.

NRx® Pharmacy Management System

NRx is suitable for any independent pharmacy, including multiple locations, 340B, clinics, and outpatient pharmacies. Prescription processing, flexible workflow, Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard, HME Part B documentation and MTM make your pharmacy more productive and profitable. NRx has optional integrated products to meet your pharmacy needs, such as POS, IVR, Nursing Home module, document management and A/R. QS/1 has hundreds of NRx interfaces to other pharmacy systems, including: dispensing and packaging automation.

ShipRx® Pharmacy Management and Shipping Solution

ShipRx is ideal for independent, outpatient, university and employee pharmacies with a need for prescription shipping and/or employee-payroll deduction. QS/1’s pharmacy software manages prescription processing while POS controls checkout. The shipping solution enables you to organize and manage multiple patient credit cards, delivery addresses and efficiently manages a pharmacy’s shipping needs.