ShipRx® Pharmacy Management and Shipping Solution

Pharmacy’s shipping management solution. QS/1’s NRx and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems combine to provide the best shipping solution in pharmacy.

ShipRx is ideal for independent, outpatient, university and employee pharmacies with a need for prescription shipping and/or employee-payroll deduction. QS/1’s pharmacy software manages prescription processing while POS controls checkout. The shipping solution enables you to organize and manage multiple patient credit cards, delivery addresses and efficiently manages a pharmacy’s shipping needs.

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Tim Lockard, Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
Lehigh Valley Health Network

ShipRx is an excellent solution for complying with federal mandates regarding Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards and enables pre-authorization of credit cards. It is also the perfect solution for payroll deduction accounts. ShipRx monitors payroll balances and automatically charges accordingly. If the charge exceeds the balance available, the allowed deduction is recorded and the remainder is charged to a credit card on file. It also helps manage family accounts and allows various family members to pick up prescriptions. ShipRx also requires the following:

Shipping Interface

QS/1’s Shipping interface significantly improves workflow efficiency by streamlining the shipping process. It also enables employees to increase their daily productivity while meeting patients’ delivery needs. It benefits customers by:

  • Eliminating the need to enter patient demographic information into the shipper’s software
  • Storing the carrier-issued tracking number, shipping method (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.) and shipping priority (next day air, two day air, ground, etc.)

Point-of-Sale System

QS/1’s POS system integrates seamlessly with our pharmacy management systems to provide a storewide retail management solution. While its graphical user interface and touch-screen controls speed checkout, it works with QS/1 systems to tighten inventory management, eliminate redundancies and drive retail profits. Included in POS is PaySentry,® which performs the credit card pre-authorization function and stores card data. Many customers’ prescriptions are picked up and paid for by family members who may use different credit cards and have different addresses than the patient. To protect customers and pharmacies from fraudulent transactions and unnecessary processing fees from card companies, an Address Verification System (AVS) is used for verifying card information used for recurring billing.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable helps you collect payments faster and with less hassle. View patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements and print detailed aging reports by patient or carrier. Learn more »

Advanced Security

Protect your inventory, finance and prescription records by tracking when employees make changes. Learn more »

Credit Card Prior Authorization & Credit Card Control

Securely stores information for multiple credit cards for households and individual patients, and bills charges automatically upon shipment. Learn more »

Data Export

Data Export transfers information to a spreadsheet, database or report application for further analysis. Learn more »

Employee Payroll Deduction

Employee pharmacies are a growing trend and employee payroll deduction handles multiple payment methods. Learn more »

Employee Security

Enables various levels of security access for each employee. Learn more »

HME Part B Documentation

QS/1’s Medicare Part B Compliance Documentation is first-of-its-kind software that allows pharmacies with our NRx or PrimeCare Pharmacy Management systems to serve Medicare Part B customers’ needs while keeping the documentation that is required in an audit. Learn more »

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Distinct service or group of services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. Learn more »

Multiple Address Management

Many healthcare systems are looking at managing employee satisfaction and benefits costs, and a growing trend among hospitals is an employee pharmacy. With a unique payroll deduction feature, ShipRx is a great solution for employee pharmacies. Learn more »

Pharmacy at a Glance

QS/1's dashboard application, Pharmacy at a Glance, displays all prescription processing queue activities in real time. Learn more »

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Touch-screen controls speed up checkout, tighten inventory management, eliminate redundancies and drive retail profits. Learn more »

Purchase Order

QS/1’s Purchase Order module supports purchase order preparation, tracking and receiving and enhances inventory management capabilities. Learn more »

Shipping Interface

QS/1’s SystemOne Shipping interface significantly improves workflow efficiency by streamlining the shipping process for Home Medical Equipment (HME) businesses. Learn more »

Signature Capture

Collect prescription signatures wirelessly around your pharmacy. Learn more »


Helps pharmacies break down the prescription filling process to maximize available resources and improve efficiency and productivity. Learn more »

Document Imaging

Document Imaging reduces your document management and storage requirements while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Learn more »

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

QS/1’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can answer up to 85 percent of the calls coming into your business. Learn more »

Multi-Site Management (MSM™)

MSM provides a SQL-based central data warehouse that is ideal for pharmacies with multiple locations. It automatically collects data and allows you to generate customized reports and export data to your favorite off-the-shelf software to create user-specific reports without extensive application expertise. Learn more »

QS/1 Document Management (QDM®)

QDM provides an easy way to manage documents within QS/1’s Pharmacy Management Systems. It organizes, routes, retrieves and stores documents digitally, freeing your staff from the tedious shuffle of paperwork. Learn more »

Remote Checkout®

QS/1’s Remote Checkout allows you to take your system anywhere. Learn more »


RetrieveRx will-call storage and retrieval system helps eliminate the clutter and guesswork of storing and locating filled prescriptions. Learn more »

Basic API by QS/1

Provides online prescription refills via a pharmacy-hosted web application. The service is ideal for high-volume pharmacies with an existing website, and it integrates with websites built with .NET platform. It also displays messages for rejected refill requests.

Learn more »

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QS/1 offers several configurations to provide maximum control over data and systems or to relieve the concern about software updates and server issues. Configurations work with pharmacy, HME/DME and governmental. Options include:

Installed – For customers who want to host and manage their data, software and server at their location.

Cloud – For customers who don't want the responsibility of software updates and server management.

Host-Remote – Allows customers to manage up to 10 locations from one server.

Enterprise – Designed for large, multi-location operations.

For a complete list of interfaces, click here.