Insight: Winter 2021

Winter 2021 | 2 CONTACT US INSIGHT MAGAZINE PO Box 6052 Spartanburg, SC 29304 800.231.7776 dina.cooksey@redsailtechnologie EDITORIAL DINA COOKSEY Senior Manager, Content Studio IRIS MATHIS EMILY SMITH Editors HIMESH PATEL Layout & Design ERICA MELTON Website Developer STAFF WRITERS RICHARD EDMUND IRIS MATHIS EMILY SMITH FIND US ONLINE A Note from Kraig Breaking new ground starts with the desire to reach something beyond what is capable today, with a vision of where we want to be, even if the path is not yet forged. RedSail’s mission to create the most clinically advanced and financially sustainable pharmacy network in the country was at the core of our decision to welcome PioneerRx ® to the family. We are already making fresh tracks in the independent pharmacy industry – and it started with a vision to reach for something better together. The vision for what RedSail Technologies ™ wants to achieve for independent pharmacy will serve to align our steps and guide our focus. There is much ground to cover on the journey, including your customer experience, and we’re well on our way. We recently launched the RedSail Hub, the new online customer portal, with much excitement. You can read more in this issue about the benefits of this all-new way of supporting you – and we encourage you to register for the Hub as soon as possible. In fact, click here to register now. This issue of Insight also features the new RedSail Patient Chart, a big step forward in eCare Plans that offers cloud-based access and forward-looking patient care functionality. “Forward-thinking” is one of the corporate values for RedSail, and it means we’re constantly striving to move the company, and the industry, to the next phase and toward our best possible future. We will continue to share what our vision means for our collective community in the weeks and months to come. Stay safe, and as always, please reach out anytime. Sincerely, Kraig McEwen CEO, RedSail Technologies, LLC