Insight: Winter 2021

Winter 2021 | 21 Purification The RedSail Application and Development teams for community (NRx) and long- term care (PrimeCare) products will address specific areas and functionality in upcoming releases to provide greater application stability and increased system performance. Service Pack 19.1.35 will include archiving options to reduce the eRx file size and a redesigned inbound and outbound communication for improved electronic prescription transmission. Service Pack 19.1.36 will feature improved report run times for specific processes along with the ability to rebuild transactional and Rx key files without locking the file. RedSail recommends our customers stay up-to-date with the latest service pack and addendum versioning to take advantage of new features and improvements. Doing so also allows our Support Services team to respond quickly when needed. We urge customers to be no more than three service pack versions behind the most current release. End-of-Life Hardware As Microsoft’s support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and 2008 R2 editions ended in January 2020, devices running these operating systems will no longer receive the latest security and vulnerability patching. RedSail recognizes that some pharmacies and facilities have unsupported end- of-life operating systems still in production today. Beginning in Service Pack 19.1.34, .NET 4.6 will be a requirement for the NRx and PrimeCare application servers. Microsoft .NET 4.6 is not compatible with Windows XP and older. Nor is .NET 4.6 compatible with server versions Windows 2003 and earlier. Upgrade representatives from RedSail will be communicating directly with customers with records that show these operating systems in use. We strongly encourage customers to replace these devices to protect your data system and to take advantage of the increased performance of newer hardware. Portfolio Review Other areas the account manager can assess are current products in use today as well as other RedSail products and services customers may not know about. Product and service examples include, but are not limited to the following: y QS/1 Point-of-Sale Remote Checkout ® that allows for mobile credit card payment through a Windows tablet using a hand-held credit card reader. y Customers who need a reliable HIPAA-compliant backup can subscribe to our Remote Backup Service that not only provides off-site backup storage, but also includes a disaster recovery solution that can easily host your data system in the cloud temporarily if the local server or data experiences a catastrophic event. The restored data is secured in the RedSail private cloud and can be accessed from your existing Windows Client using a high- speed internet connection that doesn’t require a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Bridging Strategies RedSail is committed to offering customers more than one path to meet their goals by leveraging every product and service we have to make your operation more successful. The RedSail team will analyze how your application system is used today by examining existing interfaces, feature compatibility, and customer satisfaction. Then, we’ll do a comparison with newer RedSail products – like PioneerRx – to deliver a customized bridging strategy that will allow our customers to continue to grow within the RedSail community. Roadmaps Redsail’s vision and direction for the next generation of independent pharmacy and long-term care systems is clear. We will provide our customers a cost-effective product that is efficient, timely, and intuitive. The Get-Well Program does not end with the release of the Common Pharmacy Framework (CPF), but will continue as account managers have direct access to product analysts, product managers, and executive leadership – ensuring our customers know the roadmap, understand the technology being used and developed, and see RedSail’s commitment to the future of pharmacy.