Module: HME Part B Documentation

QS/1’s Medicare Part B Compliance Documentation is first-of-its-kind software that allows pharmacies with our NRx or PrimeCare Pharmacy Management systems to serve Medicare Part B customers’ needs while keeping the documentation that is required in an audit.

CMS has become much more aggressive in auditing pharmacies to examine their Medicare billing practices. Even pharmacies that have been billing Medicare Part B without a problem are being cited for inadequate documentation, particularly regarding physician orders, proof of delivery and signature data. To prepare and protect pharmacies for audits, QS/1’s pharmacy management systems offer the industry’s first HME documentation service built into a pharmacy management system.

QS/1’s pharmacy management systems:

  • Create the required documentation for Medicare Part B products as the prescription is processed
  • Store the documentation for easy retrieval in the event of an audit
  • Capture signatures electronically and allow the patient to sign once for all required documentation, and store the signature as part of the documentation
  • Record the date of pickup as the date of service

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Is HME Part B Documentation Included or Optional?
Software Included Optional