Module: Multi-Site Management (MSM™)

MSM provides a SQL-based central data warehouse that is ideal for pharmacies with multiple locations. It automatically collects data and allows you to generate customized reports and export data to your favorite off-the-shelf software to create user-specific reports without extensive application expertise.

Central Data Management

  • Centrally manage and maintain drugs, third parties and wholesaler acquisition price updates
  • Track drug usage, sales trends and prescription activity with true data warehousing
  • Submit changes to address market-specific conditions
  • Capture third-party reimbursements using electronic or manual reconciliation

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Free pharmacists from back-office tasks
  • Easily access store information for research and diagnostics
  • Complete tasks easily with basic computer knowledge and training

Flexible Reporting

  • Prepare standard reports as needed
  • Automate often-used reports or customize reports
  • Easily export data to your favorite off-the-shelf software to create your own reports

Secure Access

  • Control access to store information with multiple security levels
  • Connect to stores with a LAN or WAN connection

Centralized Reconciliation (optional)

  • Enable centralized management of third-party remittance information
  • Receive and quickly process ANSI X12N 835 standard reconciliation files from third parties

Centralized Profiles (optional)

  • Share customer and prescription information between all locations
  • Transfer prescriptions from one location to another
Is Multi-Site Management (MSM™) Included or Optional?
Software Included Optional