Module: RetrieveRx®

RetrieveRx will-call storage and retrieval system helps eliminate the clutter and guesswork of storing and locating filled prescriptions.

While working with QS/1’s NRx Pharmacy Management System, RetrieveRx electronically organizes prescriptions and assigns them to bags for quick, easy retrieval. As with other QS/1 products, you have the flexibility to modify RetrieveRx to fit your store’s needs. It helps streamline the return-to-stock process. The hardware includes heavy-duty clear bags that remain closed while on the rack and light up whether or not they are on the hanger. RetrieveRx benefits include:

  • Helping pharmacies store and locate filled prescriptions
  • Handling individual or batched prescriptions
  • Accounting for refrigerated prescriptions
  • Reducing patient-wait times
Is RetrieveRx® Included or Optional?
Software Included Optional

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QS/1 is the leader in pharmacy management systems, providing software for community pharmacies in an ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace. We are, and have always been, customer focused, and our software solutions help independent, chain, hospital outpatient pharmacies, and HME businesses remain relevant, profitable, and proficient through technology. QS/1 is the only vendor with an integrated suite of products and services, including POS, IVR, document management, mobile and delivery apps, prescription synchronization, and HME billing and compliance. We also offer the industry’s only 24/7 Emergency Customer Support.

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