Module: WebConnect®

QS/1’s WebConnect 5.0 is our latest facility-to-pharmacy communication tool. It provides access to pharmacy information at long-term care facilities from the nurses’ station or at the patient bedside using any tablet with internet access. The architecture has a responsive design that provides the most user-friendly experience possible for LTC facility staff while helping save pharmacy staff more time in the prescription filling process. WebConnect saves time, increases productivity and can improve customer service.

WebConnect 5.0 is fast, straightforward and allows facility staff to print electronic prescriptions without interrupting the pharmacy’s workflow. The streamlined layout makes it a must-have tool inside an LTC facility. Facilities can access a full complement of medical records, forms, treatment sheets and psychotropic monitoring sheets. WebConnect allows facility staff to:

  • Look up patient prescriptions and view profiles
  • Order refill medications online that go directly into the pharmacy’s queue, eliminating manual entry
  • Maintain ancillary orders
  • Access clinical information online
  • Ensure security with facility-specific login and password

Ready-to-use interfaces to the most popular products in pharmacy include:

  • 44 EMR/eMAR products
  • 31 dispensing devices
  • 20 ADT demographics
  • 16 packaging devices
  • 16 EHR systems

For a complete list of interfaces, click here.

Is WebConnect® Included or Optional?
Software Included Optional