Multiple Locations Pharmacy

Owning more than one community pharmacy can bring more profits, but it also means more issues. Multiple-location operations need their pharmacy management system to be more flexible and comprehensive.

You need a system that can easily connect you with other tools you need – POS, IVR, automated dispensing, and more. It should handle everything from refills to synchronization, clinical checking, billing, compliance documentation (including Medicare Part B), and medication therapy management.

And it needs to be easy to learn and use, because you need to get new or fill-in staff up and running as quickly as possible. So for smaller, more focused operations, consider SharpRx. For more robust needs, think NRx.

Is SharpRx® right for you?

It’s ideal for:

  • Pharmacies that don’t need their additional stores to be managed centrally
  • Non-centralized pharmacies that provide some HME/DME items
  • Locations with minimal long-term care or institutional needs

Is NRx® right for you?

It’s ideal for:

  • Chains that want to manage stores centrally
  • Multi-location pharmacies with LTC or institutional dispensing needs
  • Locations requiring more robust HME/DME management
  • Chains that offer specialty medication dispensing or compounding

Help Me Choose What's Right for My Pharmacy

Do you need central management capabilities?

Do you work with several vendors that require interfaces?

How many prescriptions do you fill a day?

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