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A new member of the J M Smith corporate family, Mevesi is now part of the Integra product suite. Already integrated with QS/1’s NRx and Integra’s PrimeCare, its platforms include Business Intelligence, Pharmacy Edge, and Transitions of Care geared to the pharmacy-hospital relationship. In conference sessions, Kaitlynn Palasieski, Mevesi communications coordinator, demonstrated how Business Intelligence benefits pharmacy owners and also touched on the clinical features of Pharmacy Edge, such as workflow, medication therapy management (MTM), and secure physician messaging.

She explained that Mevesi is a superior analytics tool for finance, functioning as a data warehouse that pulls from diverse sources – prescriptions, POS, inventory, claims, accounting – to make data easier to work with and more actionable. Servers drop files to Mevesi every 15 minutes, and the eventual goal is real-time data sharing.

The Business Intelligence software is organized into dashboards, scorecards, and reports. Dashboards illustrate overviews and trends. Each data area (POS, accounting, prescriptions) has its own dashboards; one of the most popular is for productivity. Customers can set their own time ranges and filter almost every field. For example, the productivity dashboard can show top payers, drugs, and prescribers along with comparisons by day, drug type, and payer type. It can also show productivity by individual staff.

Moving on to scorecards, Kaitlynn said these are the number one way clients monitor data over time. Red and green illustrate trend direction, and you can drill down on data fields for additional information – for example, moving from the statistics for a payer down through the drug list and then to individual drugs to the prescriber.

Regarding reports, Mevesi’s standard reports for prescriptions, POS, accounting, and clinical data let you set

time ranges, see totals, filter fields, drill down on data, and export as Microsoft Excel or PDF files. There is also a popular custom report builder showing “whatever your heart desires,” and customers often fine-tune standard reports as they become more adept with the software. Building a custom report is made easier with grouped, drag-and-drop fields, automatic number formatting (integer, percent, dollars, etc.), and a filter manager incorporating all data fields that lets you save and edit filters for repeated use.

You can set different security levels on reports, from pharmacy-wide to password-protected. An event scheduler works for one-off or recurring reports, which can be sent out in various file formats via FTP, SFTP, email, or fax. In response to a question, Kaitlynn noted that Mevesi is working on a version geared for LTC that would include facility-oriented reports; for now, customers can create reports using a filter for facility name. She also noted that you can filter by store location, saying one Mevesi customer has 40+ locations on a single Business Intelligence platform. For those who are interested, Mevesi can provide a “map” of every field from every data input that it’s possible to use.

Kaitlynn explained that the software’s access management includes pre-built roles for different users like administrators, accountants, buyers, or pharmacists; customers can create custom roles, set their home pages, and adjust them by store. Mevesi’s many support options include screen share, support tickets, email, user manual, FAQs, phone, and community forum. Payment is by monthly subscription, and Kaitlynn concluded that Mevesi features may become even more integral to QS/1 and Integra systems in the future.

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