Pharmacy Software Solutions

NRx® Pharmacy Management System

Have time for what matters most.

Busy pharmacists rely on NRx to handle everything a day brings. It’s a complete solution built with decades of experience in the tools and integrations community pharmacists need.

Choose it for streamlined workflow, modern health tools, and flexible patient service.

SharpRx® Pharmacy Management System

Designed to give you time for patients.

We believe pharmacists deserve the easy, integrated technology that brings more freedom and better health. We built SharpRx to be streamlined, secure, and smart for business.

Choose it for fast, intuitive filling and med sync, customizable tools, and modern patient care.

ShipRx® Pharmacy Management and Shipping Solution

ShipRx is ideal for independent, outpatient, university and employee pharmacies with a need for prescription shipping and/or employee-payroll deduction. QS/1’s pharmacy software manages prescription processing while POS controls checkout. The shipping solution enables you to organize and manage multiple patient credit cards, delivery addresses and efficiently manages a pharmacy’s shipping needs.