5 from QS/1: Highlights in Pharmacy News – April 2019

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Check out 4 developments in our field that are worth knowing about – and 1 extra, just because.

  1. Uber for Pills: Prescription Tech Startups Circumvent Doctors’ Pad

Functioning simply as a platform rather than a healthcare company, these prescription sites let users fill out a questionnaire, then a third-party doctor approves medication for mailing.

  1. Adherence to Heart Medications Plummets with Pharmacy Closures

A JAMA study found that patients using independent pharmacies were among the most affected, and the drops persisted even a year later.

  1. Specialty Pharmacies on the Rise

Accredited specialty pharmacies increased 25% in 2018. While those owned by healthcare providers account for more than a quarter, independently owned shops comprise almost half.

  1. Introducing New Alexa Healthcare Skills

Amazon’s Alexa has introduced HIPAA-compliant skills to let people manage healthcare needs by talking to their in-home device.

Just because…
5. The Sackler Family Made Their Fortune in Opioids — and Museums Are Rejecting their Donations

From the Guggenheim in NYC to London’s Tate Museum, the art world is rethinking its relationship with the maker of OxyContin.

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