QS/1 and Scriptera Partner to Deliver Patient Medication Activity

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(Spartanburg, SC – May 19, 2020) While nearly every state has a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), not all of the data collected crosses state lines to other pharmacies and healthcare providers. A new partnership between QS/1 and Scriptera® will push PDMP information in real time to stakeholders who need to see it.

“While PDMPs do an incredible job collecting data, there is no guarantee that information is shared with other states,” said Ed Vess, QS/1 director of pharmacy professional affairs. “Scriptera works to share critical prescribing and dispensing data that is missing.”

Community pharmacies can subscribe to the service and see prescribing habits, as well as the percentage of controlled versus non-controlled substances dispensed by prescribers. Pharmacies can also be notified through Scriptera when a prescriber has over-prescribed dangerous medications. When implemented with one of QS/1’s pharmacy management solutions, like NRx®, RxCare Plus®, or SharpRx®, it is a game changer for protecting patients.

“Scriptera is excited to be partnering with QS/1 to roll out our proprietary software solution,” said Kevin Laxer, founder of Scriptera. “QS1 is truly a technology-focused company, offering their clients first-class service. Scriptera’s software is designed to enhance a pharmacy’s collaboration with entities inside the pharmaceutical chain to identify and solve complex issues, specifically dealing with the opioid crisis and prescription drug abuse.”

Scriptera’s set of tools facilitates data-driven decisions and helps to reduce the amount of time pharmacists spend on these issues. Participation in the Scriptera solution reflects QS/1’s ongoing commitment to help eradicate the opioid epidemic.

About QS/1

QS/1 is the premier pharmacy partner in the ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace. With a customer-centric approach, QS/1 offers software solutions helping community, chain, and hospital outpatient pharmacies and HME businesses remain relevant, profitable, proficient, and successful through technology. QS/1 is the only vendor with an integrated suite of products, including Point-of-Sale, IVR, document management, mobile refills, delivery apps, built-in prescription synchronization, and HME documentation. QS/1 is a part of RedSail Technologies, LLC. For additional information on QS/1 and the products and services it provides, visit www.qs1.com or call 800.231.7776.

About Scriptera
Scriptera Inc. is a leading provider of compliance software and analytical tools to pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers. Scriptera’s software allows users to quickly identify potential areas of concern in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The Scriptera solution is a fully integrated software package designed to have maximum impact with minimum active participation by users. Scriptera has over 17,000 participating entities to date dedicated to tackling the Opioid and Prescription Drug Abuse epidemic. For more information about its products and services, visit www.scriptera.com.

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