SharpRx® Pharmacy Management System

Touch the future of pharmacy. An uncluttered screen displays frequently used tasks and functions, and touchscreen capabilities aid quick navigation.

SharpRx represents the next generation of pharmacy management systems for independent pharmacies that need a faster system with fewer steps for easier prescription processing. SharpRx has touchscreen capabilities and includes built-in PMP reporting, eligibility checking, prior authorizations, drug images/imprints, warning labels, Remote Backup, MedGuides, POS software, IVR interface, rebate programs and clinical and pricing updates. Plus, unlike systems modified to include prescription synchronization, SharpRx was designed for it with a process that flows seamlessly. It combines efficiency and affordability into one easy-to-use system while QS/1 packs productivity and profitability into everything we do.

Customer Video

Lupe Hollingsworth, R.Ph., Pharmacy Director

The Next Generation in Pharmacy Management

Designed with the busy pharmacist in mind, SharpRx helps you solve your pharmacy’s biggest challenges. It requires fewer steps and keystrokes than typical pharmacy management systems, and some pharmacists were able to easily fill prescriptions prior to training. SharpRx allows you to switch between functions quickly and easily without having to start over on a task. Built-in smart-search technology allows for keyword or partial-information searches for prescriber, patient, medication and more.

Productivity Tools

Designed with multiple time-saving features, SharpRx includes an easy-to-use label and form generator. Drag and drop to create custom labels and forms without the need for software support. Built-in compliance measures automatically alert you to any errors, and e-script information is clearly displayed and automatically sent to the Prescription Intake queue. SharpRx works with the printers, barcode readers and other equipment you already have in place and allows you to scan barcodes from any screen.

With built-in tools for efficiency, SharpRx is synonymous with productivity. The following features are included in SharpRx:

  • An easy-to-use custom label and form generator
  • Clear display of e-script information
  • Automatic transmission of e-scripts to the Intake queue
  • Barcode scanning from any screen
  • Built-in compliance measures that automatically alert you to errors
  • The ability to switch between functions without having to start over on a task
  • Multiple address management
  • IVR interface (QS/1’s full IVR system is available for purchase as an optional module.)
  • POS software
  • Document Imaging
  • Architext
  • Automatic Price Updates
  • CarePoints by PDR
  • Clinical Updates
  • Drug Images and Imprints by First Databank
  • MedGuides by PDR
  • Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
  • Remote Backup and Recovery Service
  • Rebates by Symphony Health Solutions
  • Rebates by QuintilesIMS

SharpRx integrates seamlessly with QS/1’s POS software and additional hardware is available for a complete POS system.

  • Comply with IRS regulations for Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) and flexible spending account (FSA) cards
  • Improve inventory management with automatic reordering, purchase orders and purchase order acknowledgments
  • Use electronic signature capture to record the patient/caregiver signature on all required documentation and eliminate the storage of paper copies
  • Provide multiple payment options, including credit and debit cards and in-store charge accounts
  • Easily manage store loyalty and gift card programs
  • Reduce store loss with multi-level security and limit individual check cashing, voids and refunds
  • Sign once for prescriptions, credit cards, FSA cards, HME documents and the pseudoephedrine (PSE) log with Single Signature Capture
  • Suspend transactions while completing others before returning to the original
  • User-friendly, large touch screen icons
  • 100 percent PCI-compliant

Advanced Security

Protect your inventory, finance and prescription records by tracking when employees make changes. Learn more »

Data Export

Data Export transfers information to a spreadsheet, database or report application for further analysis. Learn more »

Document Imaging

Document Imaging reduces your document management and storage requirements while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Learn more »

Employee Security

Enables various levels of security access for each employee. Learn more »

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Distinct service or group of services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. Learn more »

Purchase Order

QS/1’s Purchase Order module supports purchase order preparation, tracking and receiving and enhances inventory management capabilities. Learn more »


Helps pharmacies break down the prescription filling process to maximize available resources and improve efficiency and productivity. Learn more »

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Touch-screen controls speed up checkout, tighten inventory management, eliminate redundancies and drive retail profits. Learn more »

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable helps you collect payments faster and with less hassle. View patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements and print detailed aging reports by patient or carrier. Learn more »

Credit Card Prior Authorization & Credit Card Control

Securely stores information for multiple credit cards for households and individual patients, and bills charges automatically upon shipment. Learn more »

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

QS/1’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can answer up to 85 percent of the calls coming into your business. Learn more »

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Touch-screen controls speed up checkout, tighten inventory management, eliminate redundancies and drive retail profits. Learn more »

Remote Checkout®

QS/1’s Remote Checkout allows you to take your system anywhere. Learn more »


Offers the Architext Graphic Library (AGL) that is fully integrated with QS/1’s systems to provide a current warning label service. It prints warning labels and prescription bottle labels to save time and improve workflow. Seventeen languages are available, and the service does not require additional hardware.

Learn more »

Automatic Price Updates by QS/1

Offers daily or weekly updates to Average Wholesale Price (AWP) and Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) pricing and provides current information for Maximum Quantity, Generic, Strength and other fields required by third parties.

Learn more »

CarePoints® powered by PDR®

Offers free direct-to-patient messaging programs to provide targeted health-education messages based on past transactions and behavior. CarePoints integrates with QS/1 software and is customized for each store, allowing pharmacies to promote their programs to their patients. For each CarePoints printed, pharmacies accumulate credits that are applied to their quarterly PowerLine™ invoices.

Learn more »

Clinical Updates by QS/1

Offers real-time or quarterly updates from First Databank (FDB®) and provides clinical information for contraindications, drug interactions, allergies, geriatric and pediatric warnings, drug-food interactions and more. Updates are available in English, Spanish and French.

Learn more »

Drug Images and Imprints by First Databank

Offers an extensive database of high-resolution drug images for prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Links to any 11-digit National Drug Code (NDC) file.

Learn more »

MedGuides® powered by PDR® by ConnectiveRx

Prints federally mandated MedGuides at no charge for customers enrolled with CarePoints. PDR’s MedGuides are formatted to be about one half the size of the FDA version saving resources for the stores.

Learn more »

QS/1 Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

QS/1’s PMP works with PowerLine™ to extract controlled-substance prescription information from pharmacies’ PowerLine claims or the Rx Monitoring Log and submits it to the state agency within the required time frame to ensure pharmacies are compliant with state laws. This eliminates the need for staff to manually report to the state agency. Pharmacies are assigned an iManager account, and if the state provides error reports to QS/1, pharmacies can use iManager to review that information and the claims submitted. PMP currently reports for 46 states.

Learn more »

Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1

Offers automatic daily backups stored at two geographically separate data centers. It encrypts transmissions using government-certified FIPS 140-2 AES and provides recovery services, including equipment replacement, data reloading, system configuration and testing.

Learn more »

Symphony Health Solutions (formerly known as Wolters Kluwer)

Provides information and services that deliver vital insights, tools and guidance and offers a rebate program based on de-identified prescription data from QS/1. Symphony Health Solutions compiles information on prescribed drugs, quantities, regional information and other analytics.

Learn more »


Offers rebates based on de-identified QS/1 prescription data sent by IMS to compile information on prescribed drugs, quantities, regions and other analytics. It offers the stability of working with the world’s largest aggregator of prescription data.

Learn more »

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QS/1 offers several configurations to provide maximum control over data and systems or to relieve the concern about software updates and server issues. Configurations work with pharmacy, HME/DME and governmental. Options include:

Installed – For customers who want to host and manage their data, software and server at their location.

Cloud – For customers who don't want the responsibility of software updates and server management.

For a complete list of interfaces, click here.