Module: Central Provider

Central Provider is designed for our SystemOne® Customers – HME/DME providers that need the convenience of centralized billing data.

Central Provider helps HME/DME businesses, pharmacies with HME/DME or HME/DME billing services that bill for more than one location. Key features include the ability to:

  • Set up billing for up to 255 locations that sell or rent HME/DME products.
  • Store billing provider identification numbers required for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance, along with the name, address and phone number of each location, in a table.
  • Attach location information when adding a patient to the system. When orders are entered for a patient, Central Provider Location is stored on each related transaction. If locations are not assigned when a patient is added, they can be assigned when billing for the transaction.
  • Print location information on the required documentation for each location.
Accounts receivable tracking requires the optional SystemOne Accounts Receivable module.
Is Central Provider Included or Optional?
Software Included Optional