Module: QS/1 Document Management (QDM®)

QDM provides an easy way to manage documents within QS/1’s Pharmacy Management Systems. It organizes, routes, retrieves and stores documents digitally, freeing your staff from the tedious shuffle of paperwork.

With QDM, incoming documents are triaged and linked by user-defined rules, and an automatic form filler saves time and helps eliminate errors. Documents can be associated or linked with records, such as drug insurance, patient, prescriber, prescription or transaction. Documents may also be retrieved several ways, including searching QDM for the date, time or document name and can be entered into the system via fax, upload, scan or email attachment. All documents are encrypted and stored on the QDM server, adding another layer of security and privacy. QDM integrates with QS/1’s Pharmacy Management Systems and creates a more efficient way to customize, use and automatically populate information on forms.

QS/1 Document Management (QDM) for NRx Brochure

QS/1 Document Management (QDM) for HME Brochure

Is QS/1 Document Management (QDM®) Included or Optional?
Software Included Optional