Outpatient/Clinic Pharmacy

Hospital outpatient pharmacies are looking at ways to bring value to their health systems and adapt to pharmacy’s expanding role in the patient healthcare team. With QS/1 on your team, you can increase revenue, reduce readmissions, improve patient satisfaction scores, control pharmacy benefit costs, and expand population health management programs. Our pharmacy management systems, NRx and ShipRx will keep your outpatient or clinic pharmacy efficient and successful so you can deliver quality patient care while maximizing your revenue potential.

Is NRx® right for you?

It’s ideal for pharmacies that:

  • Offer bedside delivery of medications before patients are discharged
  • Want to increase adherence to reduce hospital readmissions
  • Operate an employee pharmacy
  • Manage 340B programs
  • Dispense specialty medications

Is ShipRx® right for you?

It’s ideal for pharmacies that:

  • Offer a prescription shipping service for patients or employees
  • Increase employee convenience through payroll deduction
  • Enable pre-authorization of credit cards and store shipping information