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The foundation of our ongoing commitment

QS/1’s commitment to helping our customers play a vital role in improving patient health begins with a structured on-boarding process. New customers receive customized on-site and online training before going live. Follow-up training is provided as you implement new features and services.

In addition to onboarding and training, QS/1 offers extensive tools to refresh your knowledge or train new staff. Find quick answers and the latest information with training workbooks, i-trainers, webinars, and online Help so you can run your pharmacy with confidence.

As part of our ongoing relationship, QS/1 customers have access to support from Client Services. Because it’s important for us to build a relationship and adapt to our customers’ changing needs, we offer a variety of solutions. Subject-matter experts are only a phone call or email away, and we offer around-the-clock emergency support for urgent needs. We also host regional workshops to provide insight into our feature-rich software and services.

We’re here to listen. We are committed to offering our customers the most comprehensive pharmacy management systems in the industry. Recognizing that each customer is unique, we work right alongside them to find the best fit for their needs because customer input and feedback drive our direction and focus.

Kim Jones, QS/1 Customer Training Development Specialist & Anderson Jolly, RPh, Owner/President of Ready Meds Pharmacy

Kim Jones, QS/1 Customer Training Development Specialist