Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1®

Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1®

Leave the Backup to Us

Ensure your business can recover quickly from ransomware, malware, or a natural disaster. The Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1 helps you recover from all sorts of data corruption or loss issues. From hardware failure and computer viruses to severe weather events, this solution protects your operation and gets you back in business in a timely manner.

Remote Backup Recovery Protection

What You Get with Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1

Secure Backup
Automatic daily backups saved at two geographically separate data centers via transmissions encrypted with government-certified FIPS 140-2 AES.

Cloud-Based Access
Online access to your software, if needed, so you can quickly begin operations while QS/1 works on a new server and data restoration.

Daily confirmation email sent after successful backup, so you know your data is safe.

Includes equipment replacement (with QS/1’s Hardware Maintenance), data reloading, system configuration, and testing.

  • Data-storage locations have 24/7 monitoring, redundant communication links, and power generators. 
  • System maintains the 10 most recent backups as additional safeguard. 
  • Choose your preferred time of day for data backup. 
  • Notification if there is a failure in daily transmission or backup. 
  • Complies with legal requirements for customer data protection. 


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Peace of mind against ransomware, malware, or a natural disaster. 

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The technical and staff resources you need to get back up and running quickly. 

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A way to continue to serve patients during data recovery. 

How to Get Protected

To discuss details of Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1 for your pharmacy, click the button below to fill out the form or email upgrades@redsailtechnologies.com.

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