Features & Benefits


Advanced Security

Advanced Security helps protect your inventory, finance and prescription records by tracking when employees make changes.

Maintain the integrity of your data and protect against potential employee theft with QS/1’s integrated Advanced Security module. The module monitors any changes to cash or inventory levels, as well as other prescription records, recording when changes occur and who makes them.

Advanced Security monitors and records changes to the following records:

  • Patient
  • Patient Insurance
  • Prescriber
  • Drug
  • Prescription
  • Transaction
  • Inventory

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

MTM is a distinct service, or group of services, that optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. MTM services can include but are not limited to:

Developing a medication treatment plan
Identifying and resolving drug-related problems
Providing patient education and training

Within QS/1 you can create customized MTM programs by using the Tickler file for scheduling appointments and using the Outcomes window for documenting MTM.

The patient chart allows you to document MTM with subjective, objective, assessment and plan (SOAP) notes and track lab values and immunizations. In addition, Personal Medication Records (PMR) and Medication Action Plans (MAPs) are available.

The PMR is a comprehensive record of a patient’s medications and other dietary supplements. The MAP is a patient-centric document containing a list of actions for the patient to use in tracking progress for self-management.

Patient Education Monographs

Monographs are concise summaries of the important information patients need to know about drugs. Though not intended to be a replacement for counseling by a clinician, the feature can serve as a useful reference for patients. Monographs include information on the risks and benefits of a drug product and may promote patient compliance.

Pharmacy at a Glance

QS/1’s dashboard application, Pharmacy at a Glance, displays all prescription processing queue activities in real time. The statistical data displayed is from Workflow, Tickler, the Electronic Claims Scan (ECS) Log and Electronic Information and the update frequency for each of these categories is user-defined. The dashboard eliminates the need to click through multiple queues to assess the status of each function. To view an individual queue, click that queue in Pharmacy at a Glance.

Display options for each category in Pharmacy at a Glance are user-defined. Warning and Critical Threshold Counts can be user-defined for each category.

Thresholds are color-coded for added efficiency. Queues under the threshold display in green. When the queue moves to the warning threshold, it displays in yellow and when it moves to the critical stage, it turns red.

Pharmacy at a Glance can be customized for each workstation in the pharmacy to optimize workflow. This ensures that technicians know where to focus their attention.

Pharmacy at a Glance is powered through the QS/1 Web Services Gateway and can be set to update information at user-defined intervals. Pharmacies with high volume may want to update every few minutes.

For more information, contact QS/1 Customer Support at 800.845.7558.

Purchase Order

QS/1’s Purchase Order module enhances inventory management capabilities, allowing you to quickly and easily track inventory, calculate levels and monitor value on hand and in the field. When paired with QS/1’s optional Point-of-Sale (POS) system, inventory data from POS provides inventory counts at all times.


QS/1′s Workflow helps pharmacies break down the prescription filling process to maximize available resources, and improve efficiency and productivity. With only a few keystrokes from any screen, users can check the status of prescriptions and send problem prescriptions to a separate queue for resolution by a qualified staff member without disrupting the dispensing process. This flexible module accommodates each pharmacy’s unique resources, processes and procedures. QS/1′s Store Workflow module helps boost quality assurance with on-screen drug images, prescription scanning and NDC barcode scanning. In fact, pharmacies using our workflow tools have reported as much as a 66% reduction in errors.